Our Mission
To build soulful, magnetising environments for residential and commercial projects by connecting the latest architectural developments to our customers' needs

Philosophy Behind

Windows are like the eyes of a building, especially at dusk, when thousands of city lights spark in an instant. Openings are a transitional space between the inner and the outer. Eyes are also a transition, like an endless pool that gives you a taste of the soul and connects the inner mind to the universe around. Their beautiful magnetism is yet to be fully explained. We strive to create soulful environments with that hint of unexplained and beautiful for personal and work spaces by connecting the latest architectural developments to our customers’ needs. 


Our collective is located in Toronto, this vibrant rapidly growing hub of ambition and hard work. Soulwindows is a joint effort of multiple domain experts in Canada and Europe. Our Canadian team is augmented by multiple vendors, suppliers, assembly lines and manufacturing teams in Europe. All together, forms a unified business structure capable of delivering exquisite products that are durable, functional and visually magnetic. With more than 25 years of experience in the industry we built to last and to inspire. 

We are designers, we are planners, we are manufacturers, we are the hard working installation hands, we are caring project & sales managers, we are Soulwindows.