Our Partners and Suppliers of Components

Sourcing from the best. Using a variety of advanced specialised systems compatible with leading European window and door hardware manufacturers like MACO, GU, HAUTAU, SEGENIA, SAVIO, HOPPE, FAPIM, GIESSE, ABLOY, etc.. We are focusing on reliability, durability and aesthetics while working with leading suppliers and vendors.

Hardware and Mechanisms

Hardware used in our products is made of high quality materials including cast steel, non-ferrous metals, stainless steel springs and highly durable plastics. Working with the best partners and sourcing finest materials enables us to produce mechanisms of various function: tilting, turning, tilt & turn, folding, parallel sliding, accordion style, arched mechanisms for round and oval windows, trapezoidal and a variety of others depending on the project needs like preventers for accidental sash closure, multi-step ventilation mechanisms and anti-theft devices.

Insulated Glazing

In the standard configuration, we offer Double-Chamber Polished Float Glass Glazing produced by Saint-Gobain with a thickness of D (42 mm) and a heat resistance coefficient of Ro = 0.60 M2 Сo / W, or two-chamber argon-filled windows with energy-saving glass with a heat resistance coefficient of Ro = 0.90 М2 Сo / W. Optionally, instead of aluminum spacers, THERMIX Warm Edge Bars are available, which create a thermal break between the glass in the edge zones, reducing thermal conductivity and increasing the heat transfer resistance R of the entire glass unit as a whole. To meet various project needs, we also offer decorative, mirrored, tinted, shock-resistant (tempered) and safety glass as part of the window and door solutions. Noise protection is around 37-38 dB for standard double chamber units, which blocks off most of the city noise. “Anti-noise” triplex configurations with spacers and argon gas are also available, they are enhanced up to 43 dB.

Glass Seals

To achieve higher levels of tightness for wood-aluminum and aluminum windows a three-contour EPDM gasket system is used, which is capable of restoring its shape after a prolonged operation time and without losing necessary elasticity.

Glazing Bars

External Glazing Bars (Muntin, Sash Bars) are used to decorate the windows. They are part of the cross-section, made of the same material as the window frame, and are processed the same way to perfectly fit with the rest of the construction. However, decorative Muntins for windows (false Glazing bars) are of the widest variety - in-between glass, glued (Viennese and Venetian), overhead. Glued sash bars for windows look better when a spacer is installed in between the glass panes.

Window Sill

WERZALIT and MOLLER window sills would be a perfect addition to our high quality AluWood Windows. These sills are durable, resistant to moisture and temperature changes, UV light and are easy to clean and environmentally friendly. These products are manufactured according to a patented process as high-pressure moulded parts.


Exterior shutters made of a special aluminum profile. Not only do they offer protective functions against unauthorized guests but also are a good heat barrier as when they are closed, they provide air circulation between the interior and exterior and form an extra protective chamber.

Window Screens

Mosquito nets (mesh screens) are reliable barriers not only against insects, but also protect the room from airborne dust. External sills made of profiled aluminum reliably protect external window slopes from bad weather.

External Window Mouldings

Custom made exterior millwork adds a stylish architectural statement to your tilt and turn windows & doors project.